Planning For Your Summer Wedding Theme

Summer is a perfect season for wedding. In summer you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine. The wedding can be less formal if you are tired of all the etiquette. Besides, there are virtually more spaces for your to make your own unique wedding in summer. This will make your wedding more memorable and your guests will remember it easily.

You may have already made up your mind to have this summer romance. However, you may just have this idea and do not have any clue on how to plan for it. Without any surprise, you need to firstly think of a wedding theme so that all the decision can be made within the frame of the wedding theme.

As for a summer wedding theme, you have tremendous options. You can search on the internet and get tons of ideas by just searching the term “summer wedding theme”. You may have also bought quite a number of bridal magazines from the day you engaged. You can also get some other ideas from these bridal magazines. One common thing about a summer theme is that it is usually an outdoor wedding. This may explain why a summer wedding can be less formal than other wedding themes.

The first theme that should be mentioned when we talk about a summer wedding is a beach wedding theme. You can really enjoy the sunshine on the beach. The scenery on the beach should also be marvelous. All of the guests, as well as you, can walk on the beach with the bare foot. You can even choose bikini as your wedding gown (of course if you are crazy enough). You can choose either public or private beach for your wedding. It will depend on the number of guests you are going to invite and your budget. You may even serve your guess with seafood to match your beach wedding theme. Apart from all of the above, a very good reason for a beach wedding is that it can be a lot cheaper than a formal one.

Another famous theme in summer is a garden theme. You can enjoy the nature if you are choosing a garden theme. The birds are singing and blessing both of you and your guests. Again, you can either choose a public or a private garden for your wedding. It will be interesting if you can decorate your venue with miniatures of elements such as bird cages. In fact bird cages can be a perfect idea of centerpieces for a garden wedding theme. This theme is perfect if you think a beach theme is too casual for some reasons.

As for your other wedding items, you can try to source for items that can match your theme. It is certain that you will not wear bikini if you are choosing a garden wedding theme. Even the wedding invitation, wedding cake, and favors can be somehow matching your wedding theme. In this way your guests will really feel impressed and remember your wedding for many years to come.