Soft Make Up Choices For Your Romantic Wedding

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and I’m going to give you some great ideas on selecting and applying the perfect make up for your romantic wedding. First off when choosing make up for your wedding, make sure it’s close to what you wear for every day. Make up should enhance your beauty not distract from it. Foundation and blush should enhance, just don’t get carried away by a bronzer that leaves you looking slightly orange. Be sure to select colors that are soft and flattering. Unless you are planning a Halloween wedding, bright green eye shadow will make you look more like Lily Munster than a blushing bride. With that said, let’s now delve into finding the make up that will make you a real knock out.

Clean Skin Tips –

Before you apply any make up you need a clean soft complexion. Make sure you use a good skin cleanser with a lot of water. Exfoliate and apply a good moisture cream if you are prone to dry skin. For oily skin, pat dry and apply a toner or witch hazel to minimize pores.

Foundation and Blush –

When selecting a foundation the number one rule is to choose a makeup that is both flattering and natural. Foundations might be liquid, mineral, powder, stick…. your choices are unlimited. I know some of you might not want to wear make up at all but remember, a foundation will enhance and give you a flawless complexion you might not have otherwise. First apply concealer, if you have dark circles or skin imperfections, blend in gently. Be sure to choose make up as close to your own skin color as possible and remember, stay away from dark and orange shades. Apply make up evenly, as well as on the neck and observe to make sure it doesn’t cake, you don’t want that ugly makeup line running down the side of your face that screams, “look at my mask”! This is where a good brush or sponge is necessary. After application, you might apply a light dusting of powder if you chose a liquid foundation. When your foundation is on, brush on a lovely blush along the cheek bones, blend gently, after all you don’t want two red spots on your cheeks. For fair skin, pink or peach is a good choice. Darker skins look good with rose.

Eye Make Up –

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so make yours as beautiful as possible. For a truly romantic look, go for the smoky eye. You really only need two eye shadows. Jewel tone shadows of violet, smoky grey and brown are excellent shadow choices for this sexy look. You will need a lighter shadow to apply over the eye lid and a darker shadow for the crease. Brush a light shadow over the lid and eye socket. Next, take a brush and smooth darker shadow along the contour and outer eye area, with the shadow lighting as you brush inward. Next apply a liquid or pencil eye liner to shape the eyes and line the outer eye rim. Blend in gently. Last but not least brush on mascara to add volume and length to your lashes. Wipe any under eye smudges and voila! You have a smoky and romantic eye look that’s just perfect for weddings.