Wedding Cake Designs For Your Perfect Cake

There are many wedding cake designs available and you are only limited by your imagination.

To create your own perfect cake design involves selecting elements that complement your wedding theme while keeping in mind the number of guest you will need to serve.

Before you go and make your own cake or give your ideas to your baker spend some time gathering lots of cake decorating ideas.

Start by looking at pictures of cakes. Online is a great place to start or browse though bridal magazines.

Gather unique wedding cake ideas that will inspire your own individual cake. It might be the way the details from a wedding gown have been incorporated into the cake design or how a treasured family cake topper has been displayed.

Make simple sketches of the design you like, these don’t have to be perfect, it is just a way for you to see them come together.

Remember the more detail that you have on your cake, will only add to the overall cost of the cake, this is due to the amount of labor needed to create the cake.

Include non-edible design items, such as decorative columns or crystal glasses to lift each tier and add height to the cake or use silk or real flowers to decorate the tops and sides of the cake.

Icing is another design element that you should consider, the traditional butter cream which is soft and tasty and can easily be textured or you could opt to use rolled fondant icing which will give a smooth satiny finish.

One way to save on money at the wedding reception is to go for a dessert style wedding cake and serve this as the dessert. The portions cut from this type of cake is usually larger than traditional wedding cakes, your cake may cost a little more but you will be cutting down on costs by not having a dessert.