Ideas on Your Dream Wedding Without Overspending

Due to the harsh economy and the fact that not a lot of couples are getting any financial help for their dream weddings anymore, a lot of weddings are being done on unbelievably tiny budgets. A long time ago parents, family and friends would always chip in but today it seems to be a rarer occurrence.

It is not something new nowadays to go for a wedding and find out that the couple was responsible for printing out their own invitations, making the bouquets and baking the cakes.

The table centerpieces and the table linens are fast becoming the center of attraction when it comes to decorating for such weddings.

If you are one of these couples that do not have the privilege of working with a large budget then you should turn your decorating efforts and resources towards the centerpieces and the table covers.

Contrary to popular belief, the highly chosen white and ivory colored linens are not the best when it comes to making your centerpiece stand out. You will actually achieve a better visual presentation when you choose linen table covers that are of a contrasting color to your centerpiece.

For example, since your centerpieces will have a variety of colors in them take one or two of these colors and use them in other items on the table for a beautiful presentation. For instance, you can complement your centerpiece by making the table cover and napkin rings have colors within the centerpiece.

Due to the big role that wedding china plays on the table, shop for them after you have decided upon your centerpieces. This will help you get unique shapes and colors that are in the centerpieces as well.

The main form of decoration on your tables however still remains the centerpieces so this is where you should put a lot of your emphasis. Go for color rich fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets.