Unusual and Unique Wedding Shower Ideas

Every bride wants her big day to be special and unique. After all, it is the most important and special day of your life, so why not make it just as unique and individual as you yourself are? Some of the most common wedding shower ideas, such as a sedate and boring party that everybody seems to have, might just not be good enough. You can make your unique wedding shower by starting with the weddin shower invitations.

Whether you decide to go with casual bridal shower ideas like the tropical theme (complete with a luau style decorative scheme like tiki torches, traditional Hawaiian foods like pork and pineapple, delicious fruity tropical cocktails, and of course tropical wedding invitations) or with a theme that is a bit different (How about a beach shower? All you would need is some cute tropical theme decorations, some seashells for table decorations, and the beach-like frame of mind. Beach wedding invitations can be done in sand colors, water colors, and can really set the mood for a beach wedding…so a beach shower party really makes sense if you are planning for that type of wedding!)

Maybe you are looking for some wedding shower ideas that will play into your specific wedding colors. Some ideas for this can include wedding shower decorations such as tablecloths (you can even get disposable table cloths, in case of the inevitable food and drink spills) and utensils in the colors of your choice. One really fun idea is to have the party foods match the wedding colors. Are you perhaps thinking that your wedding colors are hard to match in a food theme?

Maybe you are wondering how you will come up with a blue food, a pink or a pale purple food. Just consider foods such as tiny petite four cakes… they can be made in virtually any color! If you are going for really fun party favors, consider getting small candies like M&Ms that have been monogrammed with your choice of initials or sayings, and in your choice of colors! Guests love to have party favors that they can actually enjoy after the shower is over. With a bit of creativity, any wedding shower ideas that you have can become a reality!

Express Yourself With Unique Wedding Decorations

You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but how do you make sure that it actually will be? Planning and creativity. Today themed weddings are gaining in popularity. Whether it is a country western wedding theme, a goth wedding theme or something else, a little searching online will open up a treasure trove of unique decoration ideas for your wedding.

Some brides and grooms are using the cake as the focal point of the reception. The height, style, color or theme of the cake can make a very unique wedding decoration. For example, on Food Network’s show, The Ace of Cakes, a couple being married on the 4th of July chose to have their wedding cake be a scene from the movie Independence Day. Their wedding cake was of the White House being attacked by a spaceship. Guests are sure to remember that cake for a long time to come!

The trend towards “going green” is spilling over into wedding favors. Instead of buying traditional wedding favors, brides and grooms are taking the money that would have been spent on favors and making a donation to a charity in the names of their guests. Small envelopes printed with a message telling each guest about this are left at each guest’s place setting.

Another unique decorating idea for brides and grooms who have lost a parent or grandparent is to set up a memorial table in honor of that person. A picture of the person in a special frame along with mementos brings the deceased loved one into the wedding even though they cannot be there in person. This idea could also be used for brides and grooms who have family away in the military.

To find unique wedding decorations for your wedding, be creative, use your imagination and ingenuity. In addition to looking at wedding supply stores, do not forget to look at other stores, such as your local craft store, to purchase your wedding decorations. By planning ahead, sticking to a budget and using your imagination, your unique wedding decorations will truly be a representation of who you are.

Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Your reception is an important aspect of your nuptials, and the bride’s and groom’s cakes are often seen as the hallmark of the reception. Their design and dcor will really set the tone for your reception, and this tone can range from traditional to sophisticated to ultra-modern. While weddings themselves are a traditional ceremony that dates back for hundreds and hundreds of years, many of today’s brides and grooms are opting to add a modern flair to their nuptials, and this includes using modern wedding cake ideas to keep their festivities contemporary and updated.

Flowers are generally considered a traditional way to decorate your reception desserts, and so many couples are forgoing the flowers on their cakes in place of more modern wedding cake ideas. You can look through several bridal magazines today and find dozens of designs that feature gorgeous cakes sans flowers. These scrumptious reception delights may feature geometric shapes of all varieties and patterns, or they may be free of design altogether with uniquely shaped cakes void of design. Others may feature elements of the couple’s culture, their college background, their common interests, and more. These more personalized ideas are a wonderful way to ensure that your guests likely haven’t seen another cake quite like yours.

Opting for a modern theme to your reception desserts often first involves deciding on the right wedding cake ideas for the two of you. After you have decided on a great plan, however, you next need to figure out how to execute this plan. You can talk to a local baker about your design plans, and you may be able to find a baker who can create the masterpiece you are thinking about. However, you may also find that you need to make the cake yourself or have a friend or family member who is good in the kitchen prepare it for you. Cake Decorating Magic is a kit that can help you bring your customized cake plans to life, and you can also get great tips and ideas on the internet and in various baking books available today.

A Perfect Themed Wedding Cake Idea

Today, many brides are basing their wedding decorations on themes. For instance, some brides that are getting married in the winter will plan a winter themed wedding. This article will discuss two popular wedding themes and the related wedding cake idea to accompany the wedding themes.

Rose Themed Wedding

What better way can the bride and groom show their love for each other than basing their ceremony and reception on a flower that symbolizes love. A rose themed wedding is an excellent and unique way to jazz up your wedding day. It may seem difficult to base a whole day around a flower but with a little imagination and a little guidance, your wedding day will be fabulous.

Of course you can line your wedding aisle runner with roses and also work them into your program decor as well. Also, a great wedding cake idea for a rose themed wedding would be to sprinkle rose pedals (real or fake) over the cake. If your budget is big enough you can even personalize the imitation rose pedals with the bride and grooms names as well as the wedding date. This is a unique and creative idea that will have your guests raving and can also double as a wedding favor. If this idea seems a bit over the top, you can just have the baker design a few edible rose pedals for the cake.

Beach Themed Wedding

This type of theme is great for destination weddings that are held on resorts in the islands. For these themes it is important that you integrate the island elements into your ideas. For instance, you may want to have tropical colors featured throughout your wedding and reception.

A great beach themed wedding cake idea would include things like sea shells and sand. Try having your wedding cake made with edible sea shells surrounding it. You could even ask the cake designer to make the top of the wedding cake like a beach scene. Different colored icing could form the ripples from the tide and also the sand elements. Another great beach themed wedding cake idea could include a unique wedding cake topper related to the beach or water. You could go with a monogrammed acrylic sail boat on the top of your cake. This type of unique cake topper is an excellent addition to any reception. It shows the bride and grooms personalities as well as accents the wedding cake perfectly.

Hopefully these two ideas have sparked some of your own ideas. Remember, there is a great wedding cake idea out there for just about any theme that you can think of.

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Out of the Ordinary Wedding Cake Ideas

Choosing a wedding cake can be really fun. For those couples who are unique or ‘out of the ordinary,’ it can be a pain. This is because the majority of wedding cakes are similar. While there are many different styles and colors, if you want an out of the ordinary wedding cake idea, you are often left with frustration. Not anymore. Here are some really great wedding cakes that are sure to be unique and also sure to please the crowd!

Photo Cake –

This is a really neat idea. At most bakeries, you can have a photo airbrushed onto your cake in icing that is edible. You can do the same thing for your wedding cake. Whether you choose to put a beautiful picture of you and your soon-to-be spouse on the cake, or something with a bit of humor or elegance, you can do it all. There are a lot of options with this kind of cake. For instance, you could place an image of a ball and chain if you want your cake to be humorous. You could place a beautiful picture on your cake, like flowers, hearts or something similar. No matter who you are as a couple, you can make a cake that fits your own unique style.

Doughnut Cake –

This is a really fun wedding cake and very easy to do it yourself. You simply order frosted doughnuts (enough to meet the size requirements for your guests) and stack them to look like a wedding cake. You can really do any sort of design that you want and this is a great way to have a unique cake that still looks amazing and tastes like heaven. You can choose from the flavors and types you want as well. Place your decorations on your doughnut wedding cake and you’re good to go!

Cakes that Resemble Things –

One couple recently got married and had a cake that looked just like a PlayStation console, complete with controller plugged into the cake! This is a great idea for a unique couple, since you can get cakes that pretty much look like anything. You may have to pay your designer a bit extra to pull of the task, but if you can dream it up, it’s possible!

There are many different things you can do when you’re looking for a completely unique cake. From doughnuts to gaming consoles, you’re sure to find something just for you. Use your imagination and creativity as well as the ideas above to come up with a wedding cake that you and your fiancĂ© will absolutely cherish.