Modern Wedding Cake Ideas

Your reception is an important aspect of your nuptials, and the bride’s and groom’s cakes are often seen as the hallmark of the reception. Their design and dcor will really set the tone for your reception, and this tone can range from traditional to sophisticated to ultra-modern. While weddings themselves are a traditional ceremony that dates back for hundreds and hundreds of years, many of today’s brides and grooms are opting to add a modern flair to their nuptials, and this includes using modern wedding cake ideas to keep their festivities contemporary and updated.

Flowers are generally considered a traditional way to decorate your reception desserts, and so many couples are forgoing the flowers on their cakes in place of more modern wedding cake ideas. You can look through several bridal magazines today and find dozens of designs that feature gorgeous cakes sans flowers. These scrumptious reception delights may feature geometric shapes of all varieties and patterns, or they may be free of design altogether with uniquely shaped cakes void of design. Others may feature elements of the couple’s culture, their college background, their common interests, and more. These more personalized ideas are a wonderful way to ensure that your guests likely haven’t seen another cake quite like yours.

Opting for a modern theme to your reception desserts often first involves deciding on the right wedding cake ideas for the two of you. After you have decided on a great plan, however, you next need to figure out how to execute this plan. You can talk to a local baker about your design plans, and you may be able to find a baker who can create the masterpiece you are thinking about. However, you may also find that you need to make the cake yourself or have a friend or family member who is good in the kitchen prepare it for you. Cake Decorating Magic is a kit that can help you bring your customized cake plans to life, and you can also get great tips and ideas on the internet and in various baking books available today.