Fresh New Ideas for Wedding Cupcakes

Once upon a time, cupcakes seemed like a novel idea for a wedding…until they got done to death. While a cupcake tower may no longer seem like such a daring alternative to a wedding cake, the fact remains that everyone still loves cupcakes. Check out these fresh new ideas for how to make wedding cupcakes feel creative and unique again.

A big trend in baking right now is for flavors aimed at sophisticated palettes. These are not the super-sugary confections served at a child’s birthday party. With upscale ingredients like chocolate ganache, Mexican vanilla, and espresso, these are cupcakes designed to please adult taste buds. Try offering an array of intriguing flavors for your wedding cupcakes, such as dulce du leche, eggnog, and pumpkin spice. For your more adventurous guests, you might even include some cupcakes with a spicy kick, like chipotle-chocolate-cinnamon. Top with a cream cheese frosting to cool off the smoky kick of the chipotle.

Another way to set your cupcakes apart is to display them in a unique fashion. There are some delightfully whimsical ideas for cupcake scenarios; choose one that suits the overall style of your reception. For instance, if you are a bride who leans towards pink, a feminine wedding gown, and pretty pearl bridal jewelry, you might adore the cupcakes that are made to look like flowers. In this fun design, the little cakes are frosted to look like flower blossoms, and then “planted” into real clay pots in clusters. It can even double as a centerpiece for the wedding reception. This would also be an adorable idea for a bridal shower dessert.

Cupcakes can also be fashioned into humorous arrangements. How about frosting the tops of cupcakes to look like pool balls and displaying them in a chocolate “rack”? That would be such a fun idea for the couple who likes pool; it is also a great alternative to a groom’s cake. A neat variation on this would be to make the cakes resemble tennis balls or golf balls – whatever you and your fiance are into. It would be a great way to add a surprise touch to a traditional country club wedding, the kind where the bride wears an understated gown with her mom’s pearl bridal jewelry. Use the sports theme cupcakes either in lieu of a tiered wedding cake or for fantastic wedding favors.

The over-sized cupcake is another fun approach to the popular wedding dessert. You can actually purchase cake pans which are designed to look like giant cupcakes. One of these would be the right size to place on each reception table. You can decorate each giant cupcake in different colors to make them even more unique. The over-sized cupcake is also popular as an addition to standard size cupcakes. The bride and groom can use the giant one for their cake cutting ceremony during the reception. By the way, a collection of enormous cupcakes would be a considerably easier DIY project than trying to make a formal three tiered wedding cake.

There are plenty more ways to give your wedding cupcakes a fresh new look. Dress them up with unique laser cut wrappers, frost them in eclectic colors, or personalize how you display them. The popularity of cupcakes has turned them into a new wedding classic; it is up to you to put your personal stamp on them so they are as fun to look at as they are to eat.

Most Unique Wedding Cakes

Most couples just have a nice, normal wedding, with a nice dress, classic wedding cake, and everything is very beautiful, but nice and normal. There are some people, however, that are a little different and unique, and they choose to show their uniqueness through their weddings. There are only so many ways however, to be distinctive in your wedding. You’ve really only have the option of a different dress or a different cake, and a lot of people choose to show their diversity through having a very unique wedding cake.

If you truly want your wedding cake to say something different, and you really want to have something at your wedding that your guests will talk about for years to come, you should consider some of these unique wedding cakes for inspiration.

Actor Blair Underwood had a exceptionally unique wedding cake at his wedding. It was a model of the Eiffel tower! It was a six and a half foot affair, with real lights all up and down the tower. This cake has got to be one of the most, if not the most unique wedding cake in the world today. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into it.

One couple had a square wedding cake that had two swans swimming on a pond on top of it, all made out of icing. It was a very elaborate cake, with ribbons and flowers adorning it as well. However, it was only one layer, so some people may not want a cake like this.

Another unique wedding cake one couple had was a “Shrek” cake. This couple must have been big fans of the movie, because their cake was all about the movie, including the Shrek and Princess Fiona figurines on top of the cake! This wedding cake had two layers, and on the bottom layer had an icing design of Donkey and the dragon, the other couple in the Shrek movies!

I have also seen some very unique “box” wedding cakes. I don’t mean that these cake were just shaped like a box; one of these wedding cakes was a three layered cake, and each of the layers was decorated like a different present, complete with bows. Another couple had a cake that was shaped and elaborately decorated as an open hat box, with flowers spilling out of it.

One of the most unique wedding cakes that I have seen so far has to be a Chinese wedding cake. It was a three layered red cake, decorated with the most intricate detail and flowers. Another strange wedding cake one couple had was a Phantom of the Opera wedding cake. This one was just one layer, and it was white, black and red, with the white mask sitting on top of black icing, and a red icing “cloth” draped over it.