Unique Catering Menu Ideas For Your Eventful Parties

Whether you are hosting a corporate party or a family get-together, one of the very first things that you need to do is hire a professional caterer. They can provide the best catering menu that your guests may be delighted with. And it is important for the host to select the menu as per the event, the total number of guests invited to the party and theme of the bash. The catering services can also ask the client about their preferences and offer different options of the food menu.

What should your catering menu comprise of?

When creating the catering menu for a particular event, it is important to remember that there are basically two types of menu: formal and an informal one. People usually opt for the formal menu for elegant events like weddings, graduations, and other special occasions. And the informal menu is chosen for events like corporate meetings, birthday parties, and small office parties. In the formal menu, all the meals will be elegantly designed with an aesthetic appeal, while the informal menu will comprise of simple meals including desserts, snacks, and finger foods.

Here are important aspects that a catering menu should have:

Main course- It is the crucial part of any catering menu and it may include a variety of delicious dishes include sandwiches, rice, pasta, and burgers. The caterers also include different types of meat and fish dishes in the main course, so that the guests can enjoy their food.

Side dishes- The side dishes that are offered on the menu needs to complement the main course item that your menu comprises of. For instance, if the main course has steak or meat preparation, it should have the side dish of potato, mayo sauce, and vegetable salad. On the other hand, people willing to eat light main course like pasta cab have other side dish options like a salad or broccoli.

Snacks- Depending upon the type of event, people can choose the snacks accordingly. For example, for eventful parties, one can opt for finger chips, sandwiches, and wraps.

Desserts- The catering menu should have mouth-watering desserts like pastries, cakes, brownies or cookies, as these food options can easily lure the guests.

Points to keep in mind while planning the catering menu:

Deciding the catering menu for different events can be an extremely daunting task for the host. Here are some important factors that should be taken into consideration before selecting the food menu:

Type of event- It is crucial to finalizing the catering menu as per the type of event organized. One should think about different factors like age, culture and socio-economic background of the guests who would be attending the event, and decide the menu accordingly.

The timing of the event- The timing of the party is another pivotal aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing the food menu. Whether the caterers would serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon snacks will depend on what time of day a catering event is scheduled.

Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

Planning your reception is a very personal, exciting experience. It can be challenging to plan an event that has some traditional components so everyone feels comfortable, but that also includes persona touches that make the event extra special. There are a number of creative ideas that can be incorporated into a reception to make it memorable for everyone. Your first consideration for a great reception should be the food. There are plenty of places that make a plate of grilled chicken, salmon or beef, but if you really want to wow your guests, consider something out of the norm on the reception menu. A wedding catering service might suggest BBQ catering. Serving casual foods like this or like burgers or Italian food is an excellent way to put your personalized stamp on the reception menu.

Continue the unique flavor of your reception straight through to dessert and set up a candy and ice cream sundae buffet. Guests can still enjoy traditional cake after the bride and groom cut it, but they can also satisfy their sweet tooth with hot fudge, caramel, chocolate bars, sprinkles, lollipops, gum drops and a variety of other sugar-filled goodies. Kids love this idea of course and you can even send your guests home with goodie bags filled with candy.

To make the event fun for everyone, consider playing a few games during the reception. You can distribute a quiz about the bride and groom for guests to fill in and offer prizes to those who know the most about the couple. Include questions about you as individuals, as well as about you as a couple. This gives both the bride and groom’s sides of the event a fair shake at winning. Prizes can range in price and size, so consider bottles of wine, gift cards or items associated with the couple like a brunch out together in the future.

Another way to keep the evening rolling is to feature entertainment in addition to dining and dancing. A lot of couples are hiring performers like magicians and professional dancers to give guests something to enjoy before they begin eating or while they are taking a break from the dance floor. If the entertainment performs before dinner, you can have everyone focused on the main area of the dance floor, right from their seats. This is a great way to pass them time between guest seating and the food being served to everyone. If you plan the entertainment later, once the dancing has begun, find an area of the reception off to the side for the performance.

Finally, end the evening on a high note. Send guests off with freshly baked cookies and a glass or milk or shot of a milkshake. This is a great way to thank everyone who shared their evening celebrating your nuptials. You can make the treat kid-friendly and offer everyone a carton of milk or make it more adult and give everyone a single shot of a milkshake spiked with a creamy, sweet alcohol or liqueur.

Wedding Traditions For Your Dream Wedding

Whether you are planning your very own dream wedding or helping out a friend, you can never run out of good ideas to make the day perfect. One way to honor this momentous day is to know about, and follow certain wedding traditions that can make this day of unity memorable for the decades to come! You can, of course, adjust to these traditions and have a pick of those which fit your wedding theme. Whether you want to use one tradition or if you want to use all of them, they will help to create a perfect wedding day that will be remembered forever!

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue… This popular rhyme is one of the many wedding traditions followed by most brides despite culture or race. To use something old (like a piece of jewelry passed on from the bride’s family) is to tie the bond with family members. To use something new (wedding dress, a tiara, or even a ring) is to welcome the bride and groom’s new life together. To borrow a happily married woman’s item (earrings, a special pin, a necklace) passes on the good luck for a happy marriage. And to use something blue (a precious stone on a ring, flowers) brings fidelity to the marriage.

2. First piece of the wedding cake… This is often shared by the couple as shown in the ceremonious cutting of the wedding cake. The newlyweds are often seen to give each other their first bite of the cake. This is done to symbolize the sharing of life together and of creating bonds with each other. The wheat used to bake the wedding cake symbolizes fertility and the sweetness symbolizes the sweet and happy union of the couple.

3. The white bridal dress… While more and more brides opt to incorporate color to their wedding dresses, using a white bridal dress remains to be one of the dominant wedding traditions all over the world. Mary Queen of Scots was known to be the first royal bride to wear white on her wedding. White is known to symbolize the purity and virginity of the bride. While this idea can be quite unfitting for most modern women, white remains to be the favorite color for weddings. The color is also believed to ward off evil spirits that may haunt the newlyweds’ union. Despite these beliefs, some brides simply look amazing on white wedding dresses.

4. Throwing of rice… Throwing rice grains on the newlyweds right after the wedding ceremony is known to symbolize good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds. While some churches have already banned this particular wedding tradition, there are still many who follow it, making sure to do everything to wish the bride and groom the best.

5. The throwing of the wedding bouquet… This is one of the many wedding traditions that is seen in most weddings. After the wedding ceremony, all single women gather round the bride. The bride turns her back to the singles crown and throws away her wedding bouquet. The single woman who catches the bouquet is said to be the next in line to get the good tidings of marriage.

Ideas on Your Dream Wedding Without Overspending

Due to the harsh economy and the fact that not a lot of couples are getting any financial help for their dream weddings anymore, a lot of weddings are being done on unbelievably tiny budgets. A long time ago parents, family and friends would always chip in but today it seems to be a rarer occurrence.

It is not something new nowadays to go for a wedding and find out that the couple was responsible for printing out their own invitations, making the bouquets and baking the cakes.

The table centerpieces and the table linens are fast becoming the center of attraction when it comes to decorating for such weddings.

If you are one of these couples that do not have the privilege of working with a large budget then you should turn your decorating efforts and resources towards the centerpieces and the table covers.

Contrary to popular belief, the highly chosen white and ivory colored linens are not the best when it comes to making your centerpiece stand out. You will actually achieve a better visual presentation when you choose linen table covers that are of a contrasting color to your centerpiece.

For example, since your centerpieces will have a variety of colors in them take one or two of these colors and use them in other items on the table for a beautiful presentation. For instance, you can complement your centerpiece by making the table cover and napkin rings have colors within the centerpiece.

Due to the big role that wedding china plays on the table, shop for them after you have decided upon your centerpieces. This will help you get unique shapes and colors that are in the centerpieces as well.

The main form of decoration on your tables however still remains the centerpieces so this is where you should put a lot of your emphasis. Go for color rich fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets.

Cake Toppers For Your Cake Decorations

From early days onwards cake decorating is very popular. All over the world, people used decorated cakes especially in special occasions like birthdays, wedding, and anniversary and so on. It is an essential item to delight your celebrations. Varieties of decorations are available depends on the order you give.

Most of the people did not think about the decoration on the top of the cake while eating. The designer may take years for the perfection. Some of the artists sell their designs, some will take classes and some will keep the technique as a trade secret. It is unique in nature because it can be cooked by your own, decorated and shaped. You can also create new designs of your own.

Wedding and monogram cake toppers are the most commonly used ones. Cake toppers are a small model on the top of the cake. For example, for birthday cake the topper will be a baby boy or girl. The cake will reflect the situation. Nowadays there are many sites that offer large collection of toppers. It is truly amazing as well as entertaining.

Each and every designer is trying to make their design unique in nature. You can also get ideas about this from different sites. In the case of wedding, the highlight is cake cutting in reception. Some of these are traditional and some other is clean and simple. It varies depends upon the style. During the selection you should be aware of the situation you are using. That means, whether it is for wedding party or birthday party or some other one.

The funny thing is that in some countries there is cake for divorce also. The price of these is based on the icing on the top. You should select your own design for the party and it should look more gentle and be apt for the situation.

Wedding Cake Designer For a Perfect Wedding

The Cabo San Lucas’s wedding cake designer is a full service arranger who provides everything who provides designing expertise for a perfect wedding. The planner will take care of all the details that include: flowery arrangements, a photographer, table rents and linen, etc. One of the classic elements of the Cabo wedding reception is the formal cutting of cake. It symbolizes the first assignment the newlyweds carry out together. This is the beginning of a consignment to share whatever path their lives take. The cake-cutting event is also wedding photographer’s favorite images to capture.

Selecting the cake design that is perfect for the wedding day would add more fun and romance to your wedding in best location. Many marriage cake services provide the best cake design that can meet your dreams. Depending on the timing of your wedding, you have to select a cake that suites the best. If the wedding is in the evening, plan for some individual cakes that can be placed in a refrigerator and served at the last minute because a normal wedding cake may melt and can collapse before serving. Another way to make your guests happy can be done by mixing the flavors for your marriage cake. This is handled by selecting the cake with more than a tier. For each tier select a different flavor like one puddle with tropical fruits and the other with chocolate flavor and so on.

For a wedding cake design idea, select the pictures or scenes that come to your mind at times. Think of any type of flowers, scenes or beaches present your idea to the professional wedding cake designer to fulfill your desires. The cakes come in unique design and the mosaic-patterned cake that is made with icing is popular. Your wedding cake can be made more beautiful by placing the fresh flowers on the cake. Fresh flowers set the mood and tone for an event. You can also select sugar flowers to use on cake instead of fresh flowers. These sugar flowers can be taken off from cake, wipe it paste free and place them in the back of shadow box or vase. In addition, these flowers are custom colored.

Selecting the flavor for your cake is something that you can experiment on. Chocolate and vanilla remains the top picks among brides. Try strawberry for a summer wedding or a cheesecake if your groom likes it. Icing or butter cream between-tier layering can be mythical in rich mocha, hazelnut. Ask your cake designer for recommends on favors and combination. A couple of ideas for wedding cake are a riotous garden of tropical flowers like Hibiscus, Heliconia, Terra-Cotta or silver colored pillars, gum paste molded into different shapes and so on.

Wedding Supplies For Your Dream Wedding

One of the most unforgettable moments in a couple’s life is their wedding day. It is when they start the second chapter of their love story and the journey of being together for a lifetime. Of course, most women want their dream to become a reality.

From the venue to the theme and the invitations, the bride’s dress, the wedding supplies, even to the wedding cake boxes that hold that perfect cake. Every detail will bear consideration. To avoid getting overwhelmed, make a list of what’s important to you, set a budget and consult your friends or a wedding planner for ideas and suggestions.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas.

The Venue: Indoor and outdoor ceremonies. If you prefer a church wedding, having an aisle runner is one of the most important things that you need for your wedding supplies. And to make it more dashing at the end of the ceremony, have your guests shower you with diamond confetti. If you choose a sunset beach wedding, you can have a personalized aisle runner, with round paper lanterns that would make the place more colorful and magical.

Theme or Motif: This is very important for a wedding. This brings beauty in your wedding day. A fairy tale wedding, a country wedding, a historical wedding or a beach wedding, whatever it may be, there are wedding supplies to bring help weave the your story throughout the event.

Songs: Music will bring life to your wedding day. You can write down all the songs that you and your husband/wife to be like and choose the songs that you both love the most and you want to be played and sang by your wedding singers. It would be very nice too if you have those songs burned in a CD, with personalized wedding CD labels placed in a wedding CD covers. You can have that as one of your wedding favor options.

The Reception Area: You can also have a theme for your reception area. With themed place cards on top of the table complete with an engraved glass vase centerpiece and a personalized photo guest book make a lovely, inviting setting for your guests.

The Wedding Cake: A wedding is not complete without a cake. Wedding cake boxes are very popular right now. You can even choose wonderful designs for your wedding cake boxes and there are a lot of them on the internet. But if you are in a tight budget, a personalized cake bag will do. Wedding cake boxes can even be used as wedding favors. A clear favor box with a personalized wedding label, a treasure chest favor box or a bride and groom favor bag, anything that would make it more unique and something that your guests would love to keep.